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Sonix ist eine cloudbasierte Audio-Transkriptionslösung für Branchen wie Journalismus, Recht, Forschung, Bildung, Videoproduktion und mehr. Die flexible Online-Plattform kann Audio- oder Videodateien in wenigen Minuten automatisch in ein Transkript konvertieren und bietet Tools zum Überprüfen und Bearbeiten. Erfahre mehr über Sonix
Buzzsprout is a podcast hosting software that provides businesses with tools to create, publish, and promote podcast episodes across various platforms. Supervisors can monitor and gain an overview of episode downloads, listener locations, and other metrics via actionable analytics. Erfahre mehr über Buzzsprout
Dragon Professional Individual is a speech recognition software designed to help professionals leverage deep learning technology to dictate and transcribe documents. Its smart format rules automatically adapt to required abbreviations, phone numbers, dates, and other appearing details. Erfahre mehr über Dragon Professional Individual
Descript is a transcription software that is designed for businesses in multiple industries, such as marketing, sales, user research, online learning, and customer support. It helps team members collaborate on projects, send feedback, create shared folders, add comments, and track document versions. Erfahre mehr über Descript
Modjo provides an integrated, easy to use, cloud-based conversation intelligence software. Erfahre mehr über Modjo
Rev ist eine cloudbasierte Sprach-zu-Text-Transkriptionssoftware, die Unternehmen dabei unterstützt, Inhalten Transkripte sowie interlinguale und intralinguale Untertitel hinzuzufügen, um die Websuche zu optimieren. Zu den Funktionen gehören Kollaboration, Dateifreigabe, Zeitstempel, Teammanagement, Audio-Trimmung und Unterstützung mehrerer... Erfahre mehr über Rev
NVivo is a data analysis software, which helps businesses in the education, healthcare, non-profit, public, and other sectors organize, store, or evaluate qualitative data and manage cloud-based collaboration and automated transcription processes. Erfahre mehr über NVivo
Otter is a transcription software designed to help businesses generate notes for meetings, interviews, and lectures through voice dictation or file transcription. The AI-enabled solution allows organizations to record, organize, and save voice notes and interactions in a centralized repository. Erfahre mehr über Otter
ringDNA is a cloud-based sales engagement platform designed to help Salesforce users manage leads, identify revenue-generating channels, and analyze performance. Features include lead prioritization, real-time recommendations, workflow automation, reporting, call monitoring, and transcription. Erfahre mehr über RingDNA
Happy Scribe hilft Journalisten, Forschern, Podcastern und Video-Editoren, auf einem einheitlichen Portal Audio- und Videodateien in Textdokumente zu konvertieren. Die Plattform ermöglicht es Nutzern, Eigennamen, Akronyme und andere Terminologien in einem personalisierten Vokabular für die Bezugnahme bei zukünftigen Projekten zu speichern. Erfahre mehr über Happy Scribe
Trint is a cloud-based audio and video transcription solution which leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to automatically transcribe audio from a range of file formats and generate an interactive, searchable, editable & shareable transcript Erfahre mehr über Trint
Jog.ai ist eine cloudbasierte Anrufaufzeichnungsplattform, die Anrufe automatisch aufzeichnet und transkribiert und die Sprachdaten für den späteren Zugriff indexiert Erfahre mehr über Jog.ai
Limecraft Flow uses automatic speech recognition to automate audio transcription with excellent speaker segmentation and the highest possible accuracy. Used by producers and podcasters to transcribe interview material, to create sync pulls or paper edits, and to automatically produce subtitles. Erfahre mehr über Limecraft
TogoTiki is a cloud-based virtual tour and video hosting platform that helps enterprises create multiple playlists and transcripts to engage, display, and guide visitors across spaces. Features include social sharing, geo maps, tagging, HTML panels, email capture, routing, and video overlays. Erfahre mehr über TogoTiki
Dragon Anywhere is a dictation software that helps businesses create, edit, format, and share documents with all stakeholders. The auto-text functionality allows employees to build custom form templates and fill-out and navigate through fields using voice commands. Erfahre mehr über Dragon Anywhere
Streamr is the only desktop-app multilingual video translator with built-in live streaming technology. Erfahre mehr über Streamr
Stenomatic is a web-based and on-premise software that is designed to handle translation and transcription processes across multiple business workflows, such as customer service, event management, broadcasting, and social media management. Erfahre mehr über Stenomatic
Quen is an on-premise and cloud-based transcription software designed to help businesses record and track audio or video conversations during online meetings. Managers can store notes, files, slideshows, and other documents in a centralized repository and share them with team members via links. Erfahre mehr über Quen
Ebby helps lawyers, podcasters, journalists, researchers, and academic professionals convert audio recordings into text documents using AI technology. The built-in editor automatically synchronizes and plays audio or video files with text data, letting users review and edit transcripts in real-time. Erfahre mehr über Ebby
Capté is an online web application that allows you to add subtitles instantly and automatically. Capté makes subtitling easier and faster. Capté uses speech recognition to transcribe audio into subtitles. Subtitling becomes a breeze. Erfahre mehr über Capté
Speechnotes is a transcription and speech-to-text software that helps professionals dictate and create text-based notes on a centralized platform. It allows users to automatically add punctuation marks by dictating words, such as question mark, comma, colon, period, dash, and new line. Erfahre mehr über Speechnotes
bCast is a podcast hosting software that helps marketing professionals create websites using custom domains and publish audio tracks. The platform enables administrators to automatically transcribe podcast episodes and add content in show notes across web pages. Erfahre mehr über bCast
Rev.ai’s suite of speech-to-text APIs allows businesses to build downstream applications. Speech recognition software built from speech engine trained to transcribe content on various topics with various accents for various industries. Erfahre mehr über Rev.ai

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