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MyKomela software is accessible online via a computer and mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. It gives an overview of the cash flow and is aimed at small businesses and freelancers who want to manage invoices, inventory, and stock. Erfahre mehr über MyKomela
Cratoflow is an AI and ML-powered bookkeeping platform for SMEs across North America. It allows users to scan receipts, reconcile accounts, view transaction summaries, chase up pending invoices, visualize expense breakdowns, and create cash flow projections for the upcoming months. Erfahre mehr über Cratoflow
Stax Bill is a billing and invoicing platform for enterprises. It can be used to automate recurring payments and subscription management at large scales. It provides in-depth financial analytics to track customer behaviors and identify optimal price points and growth opportunities. Erfahre mehr über Stax Bill
Wer online seine Kurse und sonstigen Produkte verkaufen möchte, erhält mit elopage die Möglichkeit dazu. Bei diesem Angebot handelt es sich um eine SaaS-Verkaufsplattform, die bei Bedarf auch die Zahlungsabwicklung übernimmt. Daran können Unternehmen jeder Größe teilnehmen. Erfahre mehr über elopage
Visma eAccounting is online accounting and invoicing software for entrepreneurs. It aims to provide a complete solution for online administration. The package allows users to check their business performance at a glance. Erfahre mehr über Visma eAccounting
Oracle Revenue Management and Billing Solutions help organizations manage financial operations across custody and sub-custody services, corporate banking, asset servicing, VAT, and other functions. Its deal pricing management functionality enables businesses to conduct what-if pricing analysis, monitor customer commitments, and establish custom... Erfahre mehr über Oracle Revenue Management and Billing Solutions
A simple app for invoicing and expense management, designed for those with little to no knowledge of accountings and ease of use in mind. Erfahre mehr über Pure Cash Tracker
Sovos eInvoice is a scalable tool for digital compliance automation, which offers flexible integration options with any ERP system. It makes it possible to keep up with current regulatory scenarios and automate the issuing or receipt of invoices. Erfahre mehr über Sovos eInvoice
InvoiceAction is a cloud-based accounts payable (AP) software, designed to assist enterprises with invoice processing and cash management. It automates two or three-way AP matching, compares orders, invoices, or receipt documents to the database, and removes entry of duplicate invoices. Erfahre mehr über InvoiceAction
CoolBill is an online invoicing software for Belgian freelancers and VSEs, appreciated for its simplicity and efficiency. Erfahre mehr über CoolBill
BuchhaltungsButler ist eine cloudbasierte Software, welche branchenübergreifend zur digitalen Buchhaltung verwendet wird. Die Grundfunktionen umfassen die intelligente Buchhaltung und Kontierung, das digitalisierte Beleg- und Zahlungsmanagement, ein Rechnungsprogramm sowie das Dashboard. Erfahre mehr über BuchhaltungsButler
teamspace ist eine All-in-One Business Software, mit der kleine und mittelständische Dienstleister ihre Geschäftsprozesse digitalisieren können. Erstellen Sie Angebote und schreiben Sie Rechnungen schnell und einfach. teamspace ist die ideale Lösung für Dienstleister, die Ihre Kundenprojekte mit einer Software unkompliziert abrechnen möchten. Erfahre mehr über teamspace
Cloud Gestion is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed to help businesses in construction, maintenance, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), distribution, and other industries manage customers, sales, invoices, documents, tasks, suppliers, purchases, staff members, contracts, and more from within a unified platform. Erfahre mehr über Cloud Gestion
Streamline billing processes and improve the policyholder experience with a cloud-based, flexible billing solution that supports all billing and payment methods across the entire billing lifecycle. Erfahre mehr über Billing Decisions
Donarius for Business is a lead management and customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses manage invoices, track interactions, and handle accounting, among other processes on a centralized platform. It enables team members to streamline sales processes, manage lead follow-ups, create customer profiles, and more. Erfahre mehr über Donarius for Business
Adminet Facturación is designed for property administrators in order to facilitate tasks related to invoicing. It computerizes the generation of purchase and sales invoices, in addition to processing direct debits via electronic banking. It also integrates functions for the payment of taxes. Erfahre mehr über Adminet Facturación
incwo is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses in manufacturing, automotive, trading, finance, and other industries manage sales, purchases, inventory, production, and more via a unified portal. The application enables organizations to configure accounting codes for suppliers, customers, expense accounts, and taxes, export entries to... Erfahre mehr über incwo
Idesoft is software that integrates invoicing, budget generation, and warehouse stock control. It offers real-time data about the stock of existing products. Its use is focused on freelancers and SMEs. In addition, it facilitates the preparation of reports and statistics. Erfahre mehr über IDESOFT Facturación
Invoice Maker makes the process of creating invoices and sending them to customers more manageable and convenient. Now you have a modern tool at your fingertips that allows you to generate payment papers on the go at any device and send them to recipients in seconds. Erfahre mehr über Invoice Maker
Jurnal is a cloud-based platform that delivers accounting solutions for small to medium-size businesses. It helps organizations streamline administrative processes and produce financial reports instantly, track inventory accurately, create transactions securely. Erfahre mehr über Mekari Jurnal
Artemis can understand the context and meaning of it and find the errors from unstructured data like handwritten texts and images without compromising data security. With a unique and smart balance of OCR and NLP, it can automatically fix ambiguities between words and do spell corrections. Erfahre mehr über Artemis
FreeNFe is an invoice issuing system that automates the filling out of invoices and tax calculations, thereby reducing errors and streamlining operations. With this tool, it is possible to send remittances to an accountant and forward invoices to customers by email. Erfahre mehr über FreeNFe
TimeWatchR is a web-based time tracking software designed to help businesses across various industry verticals, such as marketing, design, programming, logistics, HR, sales, or any other field track work hours. The platform lets teams accurately track work, plan and schedule events, and receive timely email reminders. Erfahre mehr über TimeWatchR
Harlow helps freelancers manage and organize their day-to-day operations, get a full view of their clients, and get paid for the work they do—all from one centralized hub. It’s everything you need to manage your small business and optimize your workday. Find your freelance flow with Harlow. Erfahre mehr über Harlow
Spenmo offers an all-in-one payments platform that enables startups and SMEs to automate the management of their business payments. Erfahre mehr über Spenmo
Go Local Go Smart POS is a point of sale software designed to help retail, restaurants, and other businesses manage employees, inventory, payments, menus, reporting, and other operations. The platform enables organizations to train new staff, run loyalty programs, generate virtual coupons, send automated marketing emails, define tax rates, and... Erfahre mehr über Go Local Go Smart POS
Transaction Cloud is a platform for payments, sales tax / VAT /GST compliance (automated collection, filing), subscription management, recurring billing, and fraud protection for SaaS. Erfahre mehr über Transaction Cloud
FacturaeB2B is software designed for the issuance and processing of electronic invoices. The document is issued in a virtual format and sent to the recipient with a digital signature. This format is essential for transactions with the government and complies with current regulations. Erfahre mehr über FacturaeB2B
PSU Factuur is an invoicing program for entrepreneurs that includes a range of useful administrative functions. The software was originally designed as one module for the PSU Accounting package, but the software application can also be used in standalone mode if required. Erfahre mehr über PSU Factuur
Handle is used every day by the biggest names in construction to protect, secure, and collect their payments. Erfahre mehr über Handle
Cloud-first ERP for fast-growing life science manufacturers in pre-clinical and clinical stage. Designed to be the first and last solution you’ll need. It advances Dynamics 365 to deliver quality, procurement, materials management, production, and compliance, etc. for biotech, pharma and med device. Erfahre mehr über Merit for Life Science
Billie Boost unterstützt Unternehmen dabei, ihren B2B-Onlineshop für Kunden attraktiver zu gestalten. Nutzer bieten ihren B2B-Kunden verschiedene Zahlungsmethoden an, zum Beispiel Kreditkarte, Überweisung oder Lastschrift. Zudem lassen sich diverse Zahlungsziele auswählen. Erfahre mehr über Billie Boost
Billie Flow eignet sich für Unternehmen, die ihre B2B-Zahlungen digitalisieren und effizienter gestalten möchten. Davon sollen die Liquidität sowie die Zufriedenheit der Mitarbeiter profitieren, denn das Tool verringert den Anteil manueller Arbeiten. So unterstützt Billie Flow Firmen beim Wachstum. Erfahre mehr über Billie Flow
KlearStack AI is a state-of-the-art document processing software that enables data extraction, document classification, and data validation without any human inputs. It extracts data with accuracy to reduce the overall error rate. Erfahre mehr über KlearStack
Neotouch Facture is a SaaS solution for dematerializing the customer invoicing process. Erfahre mehr über NeoTouch
PracticePro 365 is a unitized cloud practice management software with nine core features that run your firm, an all-in-one platform topped off with real-time visual dashboards. Erfahre mehr über PracticePro 365
Tradex is an e-invoicing solution built specifically for the construction renovation and refurbishment industries. Erfahre mehr über Tradex
Kale developed by Localscope is a free tool for invoicing and expense management for freelancers and small businesses. Erfahre mehr über Kale
HPlusPRO is a full medical billing software solution that provides medical facilities with an all-in-one solution for enhanced medical facility management. The professional medical billing system includes an easy-to-use interface, automated processing and error checking methods, as well as a wide range of billable services. Erfahre mehr über HPlusPRO
Quadient's Beanworks is a SaaS software solution that automates all invoice processing and supplier purchase orders. Erfahre mehr über Beanworks
Online software - Scheduling for employees - agile planning of field teams - invoicing and billing. Erfahre mehr über Optillio
PM II RENT is a software tool that assists rental companies with inventory management, contact storage, order handling, and more. Erfahre mehr über PM II RENT
PM II BASIC is a hybrid enterprise resource planning software that includes management of orders, contacts, projects, documents & more. Erfahre mehr über PM II Basic
Simplify and automate your billing or invoice payments with the Masters India Accounts Payable Automation solution. It will save time and money and your AP team effort In invoice processing and reduce manual data entry errors. Erfahre mehr über Masters India Accounts Payable
Avnovo is an all-in-one payment automation platform that allows you to collect more revenue with fewer administrative resources. Erfahre mehr über Avnovo
Pennylane is the all-in-one entrepreneur's ally for accounting, invoicing, and managing your purchases that saves you time Erfahre mehr über Pennylane
Eazitron is a management suite that helps small businesses to manage invoices, inventories, projects, agendas, cash flows & more. Eazitron solutions are: simple, affordable (starting from 179€) & on-premises. Erfahre mehr über Eazitron
Fasty-Invoices is designed to help freelancers and auto-entrepreneurs wishing to better monitor and control the invoicing of their activity. Create your invoices, follow their progress, analyze the performance of your business, simply, from a single platform. Erfahre mehr über Fasty-Invoices
Never double book again. Schedule appointment and get paid via L1NK. Erfahre mehr über L1NK
Masters India's autoTax is a Comprehensive GST & E-Way biIll compliance automation solution for enterprises looking to eliminate human errors and lower costs. Erfahre mehr über Masters India autoTax

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