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Track My Leads is an online call tracking & intake management solution for call centers to track leads, manage appointments, measure conversion analytics & more Erfahre mehr über TrackMyLeads
CRM with corporate functions and features for various business sizes to help manage sales leads, automate marketing, and organize sales correspondence Erfahre mehr über TrackerGO CRM
Leadspace is the leading B2B Customer Data Platform. Innovative companies like Microsoft, AMEX and RingCentral use the Leadspace CDP to power more effective and high-performing inbound/outbound marketing, ABM, and sales ops efforts that increase revenue. Erfahre mehr über Leadspace
Scout helps sales, marketing and ABM professionals build targeted lists of decision makers & also comes with a fully-featured email marketing system Erfahre mehr über Stirista Scout
Visiblee ist eine Plattform zur Lead-Generierung, die zur Identifizierung von Website-Besuchern beiträgt und Lead-Pflege sowie Lead-Scoring und E-Mail-Retargeting bietet. Erfahre mehr über Visiblee
Callbox Pipeline is a multi-channel CRM and marketing automation platform with lead management features, real-time data and reporting that powers outsourced lead generation programs through its multi-channel marketing capabilities Erfahre mehr über Callbox Pipeline
FIRE BusinessPlatform ist eine Business-Management-Lösung, die kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen dabei hilft, Kundenbetreuung, Marketingautomatisierung, Kollaboration und mehr zu verwalten. Damit können Unternehmen mit potenzieller und aktueller Kundschaft interagieren, um den Umsatz und die Kundenzufriedenheit zu verbessern. Erfahre mehr über FIREBusinessPlatform
ConvertCall ist eine cloudbasierte Vertriebs- und Marketinglösung, die Unternehmen jeder Größe bei der Verwaltung von Anrufen, Kundenanfragen, After-Sales-Support, Leads und mehr unterstützt. Die Plattform verfügt über ein anpassbares Widget, mit dem Organisationen eine personalisierte Rückrufschaltfläche für Websites erstellen können. Erfahre mehr über ConvertCall
GOT CRM ist ein cloudbasiertes CRM-System, das Unternehmen jeder Größe dabei unterstützen soll, die Lead-Generierung, die Buchhaltung, die Vertriebsautomatisierung und andere Prozesse zu optimieren. Die Lösung ermöglicht es Administratoren, mehrere Geschäftskonten einzurichten und Verkäufe nach Kategorie zu verwalten. Erfahre mehr über GOT CRM
KickFire LIVE Leads is a cloud-based solution designed to help B2B organizations optimize pipeline initiatives by providing buyer intent data based on visitor activity and website engagement. It can be used to capture new leads, provide real-time alerts, and integrate with existing CRM tools. Erfahre mehr über KickFire LIVE Leads
Power Router ist eine Lead-Routing-Plattform, die Unternehmen dabei unterstützt, Interessenten dem zuständigen SDR zuzuweisen. Darüber hinaus können Administratoren Leads an Kundenbetreuer oder CSMs (Customer Success Manager) weiterleiten, indem sie diese in Echtzeit mit bestehenden Konten abgleichen. Erfahre mehr über Power Router
Tranquil CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management software designed to help travel, real estate, eCommerce, logistics, and other sectors in the Indian market drive sales operations through automated lead capture and assignment functionality. Erfahre mehr über Tranquil CRM
Our phone validator will verify, clean, and check numbers in your contact list. It works for cell and landline devices in the United States and Canada. - Check if a number is a cell or landline device - Find service provider by phone number - Define time zone to restrict calling times Erfahre mehr über Phone Verify API
Wavo is a cold email tool designed to help agencies impress clients, save time and remove guesswork. Employees can send personalized cold emails from their email accounts with automated follow-ups. The platform allows managers to scale up outbound sales, recruiting and link building. Erfahre mehr über Wavo
Vortex is a REDX-powered real estate lead management solution that enables agents to access and manage all REDX leads in one central platform. Agents can access lead contact information such as phone number, address, and full name and view the lead status of every lead in the sales pipeline. Vortex always provides agents the necessary information... Erfahre mehr über Vortex
Kaspr allow you to retrieve contact information directly from their LinkedIn profile. Get emails and phone numbers in just one click ! You can also use our sales automation feature to enrich a list of contacts or send automatic invitations and messages on LinkedIn ! Erfahre mehr über Kaspr
LeadPyramid is a cloud-based database service. It is an all-in-one solution for companies looking to target prospects for their telemarketing and email campaigns. Erfahre mehr über LeadPyramid
MyPRM is an all-in-one partner relationship platform that strengthens collaboration between channel partners and internal channel teams. Erfahre mehr über MyPRM
CloudOffix ist eine All-in-one-CRM-Plattform mit einer 360-Grad-Ansicht des Kunden und einfachen Anpassungsfunktionen mit Zugriff auf alle nativ integrierten Anwendungen über einen Bildschirm. Erfahre mehr über CloudOffix
Responser is a powerful form analytics and optimization software that can increase conversions. It allows you to see the whole form funnel of how people are interacting with your forms, including information about what fields they are filling in or abandoning. Erfahre mehr über Responser
Imprint software is a web-based Salesforce tracking and management solution. The platform helps automate and streamline sales operations for businesses. Key features include lead management, referral tracking, sales forecasting, performance metrics, document and contact storage database management. Erfahre mehr über IMPRINT
Bluetick.io is an automated personal email followup software for warm & cold contacts. Used by sales reps, agencies & freelancers with high-touch sales pipelines. Erfahre mehr über Bluetick
An application to receive, manage and respond to public contracts in France. Erfahre mehr über Wanao
Flomill is an inbound sales automation platform connecting relevant leads with the sales team directly. It enables employees to generate, qualify, schedule, route, and manage leads in one place. Erfahre mehr über Flomill
BeTyphon helps telecalling teams with call tracking and recording and lead management, which increases employee performances. Erfahre mehr über BEtyphon
An innovative and collaborative platform designed for Search & Evaluation teams within pharma. Erfahre mehr über Lead Space
Blacksales automates and structures lead generation. With more appointments booked and less time spent on tedious tasks, salespeople can focus 100% on talking to hot and cold prospects to maximise their closing rate. More than 150 clients trust us with an average ROI of x17. Erfahre mehr über Blacksales
Dista Sales is a cloud-based field sales management software that provides businesses with tools to track, handle, and streamline various field operations on a centralized platform. It empowers sales officers and sales managers with a dedicated app to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. Erfahre mehr über Dista Sales
Qualified is a cloud-based sales solution which provides features such as query suggestions, customizable branding, lead qualification, automated responses, proactive chat, and automated routing. Erfahre mehr über Qualified
Integrieren Sie Ihr aktuelles CRM-System und nutzen Sie die JUNE-Workflows, um Follow-ups für Ihre Leads zu automatisieren. Erfahre mehr über JUNE - Landing Pages
LeadHub merges data management system features with modern marketing attributes. It offers lead generation, validation, transactional processes, and sales automation capabilities with affiliate tracking technologies. Erfahre mehr über Leadhub
iBusiness Suite ERP by INI Technologies is an enterprise resource planning solution that's specifically designed for manufacturing companies, retail shops, educational institutions, service companies, and wholesale traders. Erfahre mehr über iBusiness Suite ERP
Prepare your pre-sales to generate results. Sales teams armed with information meet goals. The sales flow is efficient and organized. Erfahre mehr über isoCRM
The Drips AI-powered platform helps brands engage with prospects and customers through Conversational Texting and calling. Some features include SMS messages, geo/area code match records, and time zone overrides/routing. Erfahre mehr über Drips
OutReachly by 500apps is a lead management solution that can capture, nurture, and qualify leads across social media channels. Erfahre mehr über OutReachly
Occupancy CRM+ helps businesses manage leads, waitlists, and other administrative tasks using built-in automation. Erfahre mehr über Occupancy CRM+
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a collaborative sales engagement solution that helps connect sellers with customers through their preferred communication channels. Erfahre mehr über Dynamics 365 Sales
ZoomInfo OperationsOS bietet deinem Team Zugriff auf kontaktbereite B2B-Daten und -Informationen in Verbindung mit Tools zur Automatisierung und Orchestrierung der Datenqualität. Erfahre mehr über ZoomInfo OperationsOS
LeadAngel provides cloud-based solutions for automated lead routing, distribution, and follow-up. Our technology allows companies to create real-time marketing campaigns that allow them to attract and engage customers through targeted messaging. Erfahre mehr über LeadAngel
Brandwise is an enterprise-grade digitization application for brands to authenticate products and engage with consumers. It is powered by blockchain. Erfahre mehr über Brandwise
Conversion Tracking is a cloud-based lead management tool that helps small to large eCommerce businesses track their visitors, prospects, leads, and customers at every step of their journey, from advertising campaigns to websites. The software can track phone calls and emails as well as form submissions and webchat requests. Erfahre mehr über Conversion Tracking

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