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Übungsmanagement- und EHR-Software.
Die Cerner PowerChart-Software erstellt eine elektronische Patientenakte (Electronic Medical Record, EMR) mit mehreren Entitäten, mit deren Hilfe Klinikmitarbeiter relevante Informationen speichern und darauf zugreifen können. Erfahre mehr über Cerner PowerChart
Pharmacy management solution for small to large businesses
RX30 Pharmacy System helps pharmacies of all sizes streamline processes related to prescription dispensing, workflow management, point of sale (POS) transactions, claims tracking, and more. Its automated medicine refills & reminders system enables organizations to manage medication therapies. Erfahre mehr über Rx30 Pharmacy System
ERP solutions for retail, restaurants & distribution
GOFRUGAL offers retail, restaurant, distribution and Enterprise businesses a range of ERP and Point of Sale (POS) solutions suitable for multiple trades, with a cloud-based option boasting multi-store management, inventory control, purchase automation, BI reporting & data syncing for offline access Erfahre mehr über GOFRUGAL
Pharmacy management software
PrimeRx is a pharmacy management system for independent, retail pharmacies, multi-store owners, and hospitals which supports custom workflows and automated fill, bill and communication processes. Users can also manage patient and provider intake, process claims, and more, conveniently online. Erfahre mehr über PrimeRx
Web-based point of sale software
Cashier Live is a web-based point of sale software which enables users to manage everything from conducting transactions to managing inventory, with POS, payment & inventory management tools, plus reporting capabilities Erfahre mehr über Cashier Live
Long-term care pharmacy software
PrimeCare by QS/1 is a LTC (long-term care) pharmacy software for pharmacies serving LTC facilities including assisted living, mental health, and board-and-care Erfahre mehr über PrimeCare
Intelligent pharmacy software
SuiteRx IPS is an intelligent pharmacy software designed to help pharmacists manage patient care & streamline workflow with inventory management, reports & more Erfahre mehr über SuiteRx IPS
Management-Lösung für HME-/ DME-Unternehmen und Apotheken
SystemOne von QS/1 ist ein Managementsystem für Apotheken und Unternehmen, die in den Verkauf oder die Vermietung von medizinischen Geräten für zu Hause / langlebigen medizinischen Geräten involviert sind Erfahre mehr über SystemOne


ERP & warehouse management solution
VAI is an ERP solution which helps wholesale distributors, manufacturers & retailers automate processes related to accounting, payroll, resource allocation, & other business operations, letting users send action-based emails & text messages to subscribers by reviewing their past sales activities. Erfahre mehr über VAI
Cloud-based HMS solution for hospitals and clinics
DoctorLive HMS is a hospital management system (HMS) solution designed to help physicians manage patient records, treatment procedures, pharmacy and laboratory operations, billing, payments, and more. The platform enables users to store appointment details and demographics in a centralized database. Erfahre mehr über DoctorLive HMS
Online pharmacy platform for pharmacy store & chains
ZibMEDS is a cloud-based, white-labeled pharmacy platform designed to help pharmacy chains manage their online catalog and product sales. Key features include order management, chat, prescription refills, medication reminders, consumer and merchant apps, promotion management, and reporting. Erfahre mehr über ZibMEDS