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Édith B.
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Binocs implementation at NEOMED-LABS

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Bewertet am 27.8.2018
Quelle der Bewertung: Capterra

We appreciated the availability of the technical support team during the implementation.


•Access to a showcase environment of Binocs to test and familiarize ourselves with the application
•Binocs Academy provides clear information on the use of the application
•Binocs provides better visibility of incoming demand and corresponding workload
•The use of scenarios allows to resolve capacity issues that were encountered
•Binocs is user friendly, not required to be an IT expert to administer the system
•Minimal effort required for master data input
•Reporting tool is extremely powerful and versatile
•Regular updates performed to optimize the use of the application following feedback from users


•Understanding of the planning algorithm is slightly complex and more time is required to properly interpret the reports

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Antwort von Bluecrux

thanks for this review and congratulations with the swift implementation you and the team have been engaged in. You did excellent work!
We will continue to extend Binocs with features that help Neomed in serving their customers at the highest level.
Kind regards,
The Binocs team

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