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Clients' Relationship Builder for Small Businesses

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Christos M.
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You build great mobile apps with no any coding skill

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Bewertet am 24.10.2018
Quelle der Bewertung: Capterra

The team of Bobile was very helpful from the beginning of our collaboration. I recommend this software to marketers with no any coding skills in order to build mobile apps with great functionality for their clients. Also, it will be a great alternative for marketing agencies or web development agencies to build really quick mobile apps for clients with a certain budget. All of my clients are very satisfied with the apps that I have created for them.


The software is user frendly with great functionality. I own a digital agency as well and I have created several apps especially in beauty, healthcare, medical, fitness industry but it works really great in every industry.


I have nothing to add here because I am satisfied 100%.

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