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Scott S.
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Pipeline to Productivity

Bewertet am 23.1.2012
Quelle der Bewertung: GetApp

I started using Pipeline Manager for my 5 SFDC seats 8 months ago. It was easy to install, and with the opportunities I had loaded, it immediately created a visual of my sales funnel.

My company does outbound telemarketing and face-to-face sales calls. My telemarketers use Pipeline to manage their calls to prospects. There is a very helpful feature called the Sales Processor which has scripts the team is using and continually revising for our phone calls to prospects.

The outside sales team likes using Pipeline because it is easier to use than navigating inside Salesforce. They get the colorful representation of their funnel which helps them and me to better manage the stages of their work.

The productivity of my team has risen from the use of this product. We are capturing more data and turning it into useful information to better manage my business.


Ease of installation for trial. Ease in integration with SFDC. Simplicity of the application use. The graphic nature of seeing my companies sales funnel. Less time spent on entering data, than in SFDC. Quick response to on-line support.


The current amount of training materials available. They have good help functions in the tool, and a responsive 'feedback' button, along with several training sessions to get me started, but some video based training would be helpful.