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Velocify ist eine Cloud-CRM-Anwendung, die die Nutzung von Telekommunikation, E-Mail-Marketing, Vertriebsmanagement, Kunden-/Personalmanagement und Kalenderplanung auf einer Plattform vereint. Vom Nutzer-Dashboard aus kannst du navigieren, um Live-Berichte über aktuelle und vergangene Vertriebsaktivitäten und Erfolgsquoten der Mitarbeiter anzuzeigen. Du kannst nutzerdefinierte Berichte anzeigen, da Velocify automatisch deine bevorzugten Berichts- und Analysekriterien generiert.

Der in der Anwendung integrierte Vertriebsalgorithmus ordnet automatisch bestimmte Leads bestimmten Mitarbeitern zu und benachrichtigt die Mitarbeiter per E-Mail oder SMS. Diese Leads werden auf der Grundlage der Priorität des Kunden und des Dienstalters des Mitarbeiters bestimmt. Die Software erkennt auch die Telefonnummern der Kunden und überwacht und zeichnet Telefongespräche zu Schulungs- und Verkaufszwecken auf.

In die Software ist eine Terminplanungs- und Kalenderanwendung für alle Nutzer eingebettet, um Verkaufssitzungen, Schulungstage, Termine und Vertragsjubiläen zu überwachen und zu planen. Manager können mit diesem Tool auch den Erfolg und die Verfolgung von Mitarbeitern überprüfen sowie Kundengeburtstage und besondere Verkaufsanlässe einsehen.

Velocify ist vollständig in die Software integriert und kann kostenlos als mobile Anwendung heruntergeladen werden. Nach dem Herunterladen können sich die Nutzer mit ihren Zugangsdaten einloggen und das gesamte Backend der Software und der Datenbank mit vollständiger Transparenz einsehen. Nutzer können auch Leads hinzufügen, bearbeiten, Leads schließen, Meetings planen, Veranstaltungen bearbeiten und Kunden/Leads per SMS, E-Mail oder Telefon kontaktieren.





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Gesamtzahl der Funktionen von Velocify: 35

  • API
  • Alarmfunktion / Benachrichtigungen
  • Angebote / Schätzungen
  • Anrufaufzeichnung
  • Anrufmanagement
  • Automatisches Telefonwahlgerät
  • Chancenmanagement
  • Dashboard
  • Design-Management
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Echtzeit-Berichterstattung
  • Kampagnenmanagement
  • Konferenzschaltungen
  • Kontaktmanagement
  • Lead-Distribution
  • Lead-Erfassung
  • Lead-Qualifizierung
  • Leadmanagement
  • Leistungskennzahlen
  • Leistungsmanagement
  • Management der Anruflisten
  • Marketing-Automatisierung
  • Pipeline-Management
  • Priorisierung
  • Prozess-/Workflow-Automatisierung
  • Prädiktive Analytik
  • Quellen-Nachverfolgung
  • Richtlinien Managemen-
  • Umleitung der Anrufe
  • Verfolgung von Interaktionen
  • Verkaufsberichte
  • Verkaufsprognose
  • Vertriebsautomatisierung
  • Zugriffsquellen-Verfolgung
  • Überwachung


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Zakory B.
  • Branche: Computer-Software
  • Untern. Größe: 201-500 Mitarbeiter
  • Täglich für Mehr als 2 Jahre genutzt
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  • Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis
  • Bedienkomfort
  • Kundenbetreuung
  • Weiterempfehlungsquote 10.0 /10

Great at cadence and keeping your organized.

Bewertet am 8.12.2017


The cadence is fantastic. Helps keep me organized with leads and integrates with other software. Very clean interface that's easy to understand.


I don't like that it can only have 100 leads at a time front facing. It also populates time zones internationally incorrectly. I.e. Australia leads pop up on Friday when it's Saturday down under.

Joseph S.
  • Branche: Finanzdienstleistungen
  • Quelle der Bewertung


  • Bedienkomfort
  • Kundenbetreuung
  • Weiterempfehlungsquote 10.0 /10

Velocify's LeadManager and Dial-IQ are in a Class of their Own

Bewertet am 31.3.2014


Velocify demonstrates a deep and unique understanding of the fundamentals of lead conversion and the science which goes into it. The research, studies, surveys, and whitepapers behind their solution are extremely valuable resources that helped us implement and improve our best sales practices for optimal results. Specifically, LeadManager paired with Dial-IQ have helped us dial a new lead within seconds, positioning us to be among the first to contact a prospect, and as a result, we have achieved a 90% contact rate we were never able to achieve in the past. The custom and infinite automated lead distribution programs and methods allow us to create a unique and custom sales cycle for each marketing campaign with a combination of automated calls, emails, and SMS text to optimize conversions. This ensures that no leads fall through the cracks and continues to nurture our database. Velocify's performance-based lead distribution and lead prioritization have helped us leverage our best performers, pairing each lead with the most suited sales rep as well as prioritizing our leads to make the most out of both our leads' and salesforce's time and resources. Call scripts, automated emails, and SMS ensure that all sales reps presentations are consistent with our brand. The infinite reporting abilities make our data 100% transparent, allowing us to measure metrics and analyze data in ways we never knew possible. Results, along with Velocify's lead scoring feature, are instrumental in measuring and fine-tuning our contact and distribution strategies, as well as modifying and adjusting our marketing and buying strategy, saving us very valuable marketing dollars. The list goes on and on.


If I had to write something in this box, I would say that I can see how some users who are new to Velocify (or who are generally new to sales automation) may feel that certain functionality, such as reporting, distribution, or email capabilities may seem limited or difficult. It is absolutely the opposite, and I feel that Velocify should better educate its clients on how to truly uncover its full potential so that they can unleash its true power. Each of our businesses has unique needs, and the uniqueness of Velocify lies in its infinite customization abilities, which makes it fit each of our needs. Velocify comes built with the most basic, fundamental sales practices and reporting for the beginner. However, as your needs change and experience level expands, Velocify becomes the sales executive's and administrator's playground, a place where you can let your imagination run wild while knowing that automating almost everything is possible and easy. The reporting functionality and transparency's ability to inspect, modify, and fine-tune is second to none.

Victor C.
  • Branche: Versicherung
  • Untern. Größe: 2-10 Mitarbeiter
  • Täglich für Mehr als 1 Jahr genutzt
  • Quelle der Bewertung


  • Bedienkomfort


Bewertet am 4.5.2018

I signed with them sept of 2016, I was not told it was year to year, I didn't read every fine print...

I signed with them sept of 2016, I was not told it was year to year, I didn't read every fine print on contract when I signed as I was in a bind at the time I had tried to set up another CRM and then afterwards they could not take leads from lead provider directly and I had to change quick, I did look at the contract but probably buried somewhere in fine print year to year.

The CRM worked well for a while I had an email provider integrated that I was having issues with I canceled the email provider but when I went to sign a new email provider volocify told me they are no longer doing integrations to use their email system

I tried to work with them on this but I could not get emails to look right,

This is besides the fact that over in AEP all of a sudden on my internet leads if client put # for apt number then most of the lead info did not show, I spent 2 weeks in mid AEP trying to work with them to fix this but they never were able to fix this or explain why what previously worked no longer worked.

There were several other issues besides this and the customer service went downhill very much since they were bought out.

I called and spoke to a manager who told me I was in contract till sept, I told her of the issues I was having and that I was not told about this yearly contract but moreover I am no longer being provided with the services I was originally getting

She said no problem just send email to cancel and she would take care of it right away.

I did this but was charged again the next month, I emailed her what happened then she emails me my contract

I have been trying to get high up to managers, Mostly I get told I will get a callback but never do. but today I snapped and finally got a phone number to another manager and she gave final no regardless they will continue to charge through sept no matter what

I would urge anyone looking into this CRM to choose another


none none none anymore they will charge you full year if you cancel, even if they made changes that dont work for you


they will charge you full year if you cancel, even if they made changes that don't work for you. if you have an issue with it its very hard to speak with someone

J stephen S.
  • Branche: Finanzdienstleistungen
  • Untern. Größe: 51-200 Mitarbeiter
  • Täglich für Mehr als 2 Jahre genutzt
  • Quelle der Bewertung


  • Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis
  • Bedienkomfort
  • Kundenbetreuung
  • Weiterempfehlungsquote 8.0 /10

Client since 2009

Bewertet am 7.7.2017

A premium, flexible Lead Management/CRM solution with cutting edge features, fantastic support and...

A premium, flexible Lead Management/CRM solution with cutting edge features, fantastic support and ultra-premium fees and a restrictive pricing structure.


Features, performance, and support are superb. Rarely experience downtime and the interruptions in service that do occur are resolved quickly. Very flexible system that can be tailored to exacting specifications and needs. Readily accessible support documents and instructional videos assists users in educating/familiarizing themselves with how to use system features.


Price can get prohibitive when adding additional features beyond the basic lead management functions. Per user fees and restrictive contract terms can leave companies with very expensive empty "seats" if the number of active users decreases (especially early in the annual contract cycle). Administrator seats incur all the same fees that basic users do even though few to none of the features being charged for are needed or utilized by Admin.

Rosemary H.
  • Untern. Größe: 11-50 Mitarbeiter
  • Täglich für Mehr als 2 Jahre genutzt
  • Quelle der Bewertung


  • Bedienkomfort
  • Weiterempfehlungsquote 10.0 /10

Velocify - Your Right Hand Software

Bewertet am 6.7.2017

I am very happy with the software and recommend it.

I am very happy with the software and recommend it.


Velocify is that the program that works for you, based on your settings. For instance, I am able to make notes and follow up when the client wants to be reached as velocify emails you a reminder to contact them. I am also able to filter search results/settings based on how many times a client was reached or if they are non-responsive. Under each tab (based on your settings) you are able to enter quite a bit of information and required infomation in order for the lead to be saved.


Every so often I do see glitches here and there just like you would with any software, but the support team is very responsive and will guide you through the process of fixing any glitches that may arise. They are also able to do screensharing to fix any issue.

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Velocify bietet folgende Kostenpläne an:

  • Beginnt ab: 60,00 $/Monat
  • Preismodell: Abonnement
  • Gratis Testen: Verfügbar

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Velocify hat die folgenden typischen Kunden:

2-10, 11-50, 51-200, 201-500, 501-1.000, 1.001+

Velocify unterstützt die folgenden Sprachen:


Velocify unterstützt die folgenden Geräte:

Velocify kann in folgende Anwendungen integriert werden:

Constant Contact, Eventbrite, GoToWebinar, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Keap, Magento Commerce, Mailchimp, Marketo Engage, Recurly, SlideShare, iContact

Velocify bietet folgende Optionen für Kundensupport:

E-Mail/Helpdesk, FAQ/Forum, Telefon-Support, Chat

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