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Müde von separaten Anforderungen, Testing- und Bug-Tracking-Tools?

Anstatt separate Anforderungsverwaltung, Fehlerverfolgung und Testwerkzeuge kaufen zu müssen,
bietet SpiraTest® eine vollständige Lösung zur Qualitätssicherung in einem Paket.

SpiraTest® verwaltet die Anforderungen, Testfälle, Fehler und Probleme deines Projekts in einer integrierten Umgebung mit vollständiger Rückverfolgbarkeit während des gesamten Testzyklus.

Erhalte Informationen direkt auf Knopfdruck!

SpiraTest® bietet integrierte Dashboards mit wichtigen Informationen zur Projektgesundheit und zum Projektstatus.

Anforderungstestabdeckung, Testfallausführung, Testfortschritt, Problemzusammenfassung, Fehleranzahl, Fehleralterung – in einer konsolidierten Ansicht.

Software-Testmanagement war noch nie vollständiger oder leistungsfähiger.

Bist du sicher, dass alle deine Anforderungen getestet wurden?

Möchtest du nicht wissen, wie viele deiner Anforderungen tatsächlich getestet wurden? SpiraTest® bietet vollständige Rückverfolgbarkeit und Testabdeckung.

Mit SpiraTest® kannst du einen Drilldown von jeder erfassten Anforderung durchführen, um zu ermitteln, wie viele Testfälle die Funktionalität erfolgreich validiert haben. Mit dem integrierten Bug-Tracker kannst du die Fehler auf die Quellanforderungen zurückverfolgen.

Manage deine manuellen und automatisierten Tests in einem System.

Mit der RemoteLaunch™-Technologie von Inflectra kannst du ein gesamtes globales Testlabor von einem zentralen SpiraTest-Server aus verwalten, wobei automatisierte Test-Sets rund um die Uhr mit verschiedenen Automatisierungstechnologien ausgeführt werden.

Mit der offenen Architektur von SpiraTest kannst du manuelle Tests in derselben Umgebung planen und verfolgen wie deine automatisierten Tests – mit Plugs für die besten Testautomatisierungswerkzeuge wie Rapise, QuickTestPro, TestComplete, Squish und Selenium.


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Chinesisch (vereinfacht), Chinesisch (traditionell), Tschechisch, Finnisch, Französisch und 3 weitere , Deutsch, Ungarisch, Spanisch

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Way better than Excel, Testuff, and other lower price point Test Management tools.

Täglich für Mehr als 1 Jahr genutzt
Bewertet am 18.10.2017
Quelle der Bewertung: Capterra

Test data management without the risk of irreversible or unaudited changes.
A cloud accessible test management tool for my test team


The ability to group test cases, the folder hierarchy, test sets and test runs per release.

So glad the all tests with tests steps view was added (Table view)

Customisable reports are very useful once configured/scripted correctly (although the interface/mechanism is too complex for non-developers/non-technical people. It is far from intuitive)


Data imported to the Excel template via the Excel add-on should arrive in a format that could be immediately exported back to Spira. This would facilitate faster creation of duplicates with minor amendments, such as copying large tests sets to be rerun in a new release.

Reporting. It's difficult to find the report you want without having to run one to see the story it tells. A snapshot of the report with generic data would be handy.

Failing/blocking a test should start creating the incident. These should be seamless. Select existing incident should be an option there also.

There should be a way to clear results from a step, not just select a different result.

There needs to be a X by Y grid matrix of requirements to tests in Reports

The Export to Excel option should work for multiple selections

The data structure should be made available within the Reporting UI to facilitate customised report writing. A drag and drop UI would be a big improvement, as would a sample view to see the impact of your changes with dummy data without having to run the report

The name of the current test should remain on screen while the steps for it are visible. As the last step scrolls off the screen the next test name can then appear.

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SpiraTest compares very well to other well known project management applications.

Bewertet am 29.10.2008
Quelle der Bewertung: Capterra

SpiraTest compares very well to other well known project management applications.
SpiraTest beats Quality Center in the ability to create different workflows for multiple incident types, and workflow customization is based on a simple interface rather than on VBScript. The ability to link project artifacts together seems much easier and intuitive the Quality Center. Best of all, SpiraTest has a tool to communicate with Quality Center if you need to work in both applications.
SpiraTest also compares well with Pragmatic Software Planner. Information is much more accessible in SpiraTest, and everything actually works. Software Planner loses points for having a more rigid workflow, a non-intuitive interface, and for features that just don't work, like custom reports.


You can't beat SpiraTest without paying a lot more (and even then you might be disappointed).
- Surprisingly easy set up.
- Fantastic ease of use once you get used to the workflow paradigm (change status, verify newly required fields, then update).
- Traceability: We love how all project components can be linked together.
- Test case management: Create individual steps for each test case, and link steps from one test case to another to prevent step duplication. Create a test run, and send information to your automated testing software. Software testing heaven.
- Workflow management: custom workflows by project or even by incident type. Cusomtization is implemented by interface, not language.
- Support: Inflectra support has been fantastic in helping us migrate data into SpiraTest from our previous system.
- Meets our needs: Our consulting firm needed a one-stop app that would work for multiple long- and short-term projects. We found SpiraTest, we tried it, and we love it.


Enhancements to current features, rather than new features, seems to be the rule:
- ability to create and administer user groups on a project level instead of only at the application level.
- mass updating of multiple artifacts (change all incidents with this type to that type)
- update workflow transitions by user type instead of altering each transition.
- Workflow takes a little getting used to; transitions must be performed in the following order - 1. Select the desired status, 2. Fill out ALL the newly required fields (check all the tabs), and then 3. Update.
- Custom fields are hidden on their own tab in the lower half of the main pane. It would be nice to have the option to place some custom fields on the main pane.
- Would be nice to be able to hide fields that aren't desired for a certain project.
- Would like the ability to assign certain SysAdmin rights on a project level.
- Would like a few more report cusomization options.

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Overall it's good an makes test management and running a lot smoother

Täglich für 1-5 Monate genutzt
Bewertet am 22.6.2017
Quelle der Bewertung: Capterra


The history features of test cases are nice. The ability to link requirements to test steps is nice (allthough could be improved as it is lost on clone). The tracking of progress is nice and ability to create incidents from a specific test steps helps a lot. All the different types of reports that are available to generate are also quite nice.


The lack of branching/versioning of test cases. This is a big con for us and we're hoping that it will be looked at in the future. Another problem is the linking of requirements to test steps, it feels like it's lacking a bit; it should be possible to 1. Clone a test case and keep the requirements on the test steps (currently they're lost) 2. If a requirement is just linked to a test step the result should be possible to link to that, currently if a step not at all related to the requirement fails the requirement will also fail. Also we'd like a report where it's easy to see the traceability and result of test run and requirement, e.g.:
Currently it is possible to get the requirement and what Test case it is tested in and then print out all of the test cases to see the results. We'd just like a bit of an easier report/tracking here. If possible it would also be nice to add a comment to FAILED, maybe what test case failed (if it is tested in more than one) and perhaps even incident numbers of some sort.

Antwort von Inflectra

Thanks for the positive feedback on SpiraTest, including the ability to link requirements to test steps (most tools limit the link to just test cases). We do plan on adding requirements/test case baselining functionality, we already support test case and requirements versioning and history tracking.
The linking of requirements to test steps and the corresponding reporting was added recently and we shall be enhancing its reporting and tracking in future releases.
You can report a reason when a test case / test step fails (in fact you have to), and we already include built-in defect creation and linking during the test execution process, so we're not sure what the reviewer meant by that part.

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Nice Product. Easy to use ,everything can be tracked in one application..that's awesome.

Täglich für Mehr als 2 Jahre genutzt
Bewertet am 20.6.2017
Quelle der Bewertung: Capterra

Its simple and reliable use as compare to industry leaders in this field. Good value for money and excellent support. Also its capabilities to integrate with other tools.


1-I love the feature to track the bugs. Its so simpler and the enhanced feature of embedding screenshot makes my job lot easier.

2-The reporting section is also good and the available formats to extract reports make my team as well as dev team more comfortable to understand the generated reports.

3-Enabling us to manage the requirement also plays an important role in putting this ahead of some competitors . Its very easy to track requirements either by release or by test cases.

4-last but not the least. Excellent customer Service.


As I do not see any major flaw in this but yes something needs to be updated/enhanced to make it more user friendly:
1-Allow to delete User. Currently it only allows to disable the user.
2-Flexibility to add our own status to Requirements.
3- few UI issues in reporting.

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We Use it Everyday

Täglich für Mehr als 2 Jahre genutzt
Bewertet am 2.12.2016
Quelle der Bewertung: Capterra

We use SpiraTest daily. We use it as a repository for our requirements and use the workflow to help move them through the review and approval cycle. There are some issues with the workflow that need to be fixed by Inflectra but overall it helps us to be more efficient.
We convert the requirements to test case shells and the test team writes the test cases based on the shell. It makes it very convenient to be able to have the requirements and the requirements tied together. When the test cases get executed SpiraTest helps us see where we are in the test cycle.
Additionally, we use the incident management to track bugs and other issues that arise during the test process.
Overall we like the product. There are some outstanding issues that Inflectra needs to address, but the customer support has always been very responsive and being a small business the price of the package and support has been affordable.


Affordable and has lots of features.


Some quality issues. The software is well thought out, but it takes a little bit of time to learn its operation.

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